Part 1: Prerequisites

I have just built out centos6 “minimal install” from DVD.  It should be quite easy to follow through with other linux OSes (like Debian-based distros), most definitely with any other EL6.  The packages and package management aspects will be different with Debian-based distros.   Feedback is welcome!  Unless having one EL6 box floating around is going to ruin your plan to take over the world, I do suggest that you dedicate a box for the purpose of hosting these suckers.

I have configure resolv and my hostname.

Update all packages then install some packages we’ll need:

yum -y update
yum -y install vim ntp openssh-clients wget gcc make python-devel #install some useful packages

I’ve configured /etc/ntp.conf:

chkconfig --level 345 ntpd on
service ntpd start

Stop iptables for now and look at SELinux status:

chkconfig --level 2345 iptables off #yes, we'll deal with this later
getenforce # SELinux is in Enforced mode, which should be okay!

Prepend ./ to the $PATH for all the users (including root) if you want:

echo PATH=./:\$PATH >> /etc/profile
echo export PATH >> /etc/profile

Python 2.6.5 is installed already:

python --version

Create a user that will run our services:

useradd paste #this is our user, it's named after python paste, probably not the best name, but it works
su paste
id paste #our user's group is also called paste
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