Rhodecode and Redmine

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This entire thing is not in a final state yet.

I believe redmine will have problems accessing the /reporoot if it’s owned by the paste user (as I currently have the write up doing).

So beware.

Update December 30th, 2011:

The elrepo guys create a driver disk for the gdth kernel module! So I have now been able to load CentOS 6/el6 onto my old Poweredge 800 tower and can now continue to on this project.

I have four other projects occurring now that I also have to focus on equally, so I will give this some attention, but not all.

The goal is to get Rhodecode and Redmine up and running, both serving over https, and authentication and authorization to be integrated via LDAPS into Active Directory.

I have read installation docs and reviewed several more resources, including deeper documentation, interacted on IRC and researched elsewhere. I have written this from the perspective of what I am doing has been reviewed several times, and implemented three times (once in development, once straight through in QA and once for prod). It is of high integrity.

That means you don’t need to worry…

on IRC… Freenode

on the web…

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