Fruit tree size scale and purchasing

Call the arbor day foundation. They are really into trees and will help you with questions and concerns.

Be concerned with:

  • the size (How much space do you have? How many trees do you want?)
    • height-wise
    • girth-wise
  • The type:
    • Is it pest resistent?
    • Is it disease resistent?
    • Climate zone?
  • potted versus bare-root
    • You probably want to get potted, because they are easier to plant for beginners.
  • Tree services will help you move trees for a price up to 15-20 years of them being in the ground.

I was on the hunt for a Black Tartarian cherry, but arrived at the self-pollenating Black Gold. There are several sites that will deliver directly to your door (usually even by FedEx, depending on the size). I spoke to about five different nurseries and chose to go with Edible Landscapes, as the guy I spoke to (George) was extremely helpful. I did not like the people at Clifton’s Flower and Garden Center (, they were rushed and rude.

The total cost including shipping for a Black Gold semi-dwarf cherry: $64USD.

Size scale of the different size fruit trees:

Standard 100%
Semi-Standard 75-90%
Semi-Dwarf 40-75%
Full dwarf 25%
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