Quick vim reference

This is a quick vim reference I use while learning ruby.

Navigation operators:

e | end of current word
b | beginning of word
$ | go to end of line
0 | go to beginning of line
( | go to beginning of section (denoted by \n\n)
) | go to end of section (denoted by \n\n)

Search operators:

/ (or ?) | start a search
/\c (or ?\c) | start a case insensitive search
n | next
shift+n | previous

Destructive functions/clipboard operators:

u | undo
ctrl+r | redo
v | allow highlighting for copy, cut, etc at cursor
y | copy/yank
d | cut
p | paste
x or del | delete character at cursor
X or backspace (while in INSERT mode) | delete character before cursor

“Big” operations:

V | highlight whole line
gg | go to top of file (first line)
G | go to bottom of file (last line)
control+b | page up
control+f | page down
yy | copy/yank line
dd | cut the current line (not delete, but cut to clipboard)
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