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El Capitan, Mi Capitan: media-zwave-torrent-magic server project

I had some trouble figuring out a name. I (and probably a ton of other people) use cerberus for my firewall. I’ve used janus for my argus/flow boxes… Anyway…

I recently purchased my first house, and wanted to do a bunch of crazy home automation. Through research I found several pieces of software that essentially turn a PC into a hub. I’ll be covering my development of this system in several posts, and likely be compiling it into a project.

What will I call my system? El Capitan. Yes, I know that there’s an OSX version with the same codename, but the name comes from the nickname of a manager/cook at a deli that was near my and my wife’s old office, where we met near Rock Center.

Here’s a short plan of things I plan to integrate:

  • Mopidy + Korus (almost have this completely functional with three Korus V400 and a Syncronice DX Mini receivers, and three USB batons (for zoning) and a single Akiko 3.5 mm transmitters): support for Pandora and Google music, with iOS web app and Android native app.
  • considering Zoneminder, but I think our low-voltage guy talked me into getting a dedicated NVR.
  • Home-assistant, with the UZB z-wave stick (wish I bought a Aeotec stick).
  • Zwave motion sensors
  • Two-way door communication… even if it’s through google voice.
  • zwave garage door opener
  • lighting controls (looks like my electrician made the decision for me and gave me some Lutron Caseta switches with Pico remotes, no problem with a Smart Bridge Pro (which provides control via telnet)
  • blind/curtain controls
  • a Honeywell zwave thermostat.
  • I have a 3rd gen iPad, and an older Galaxy Tab which I’d like to provide interfaces (maybe have one sit in the kitchen, the other in the living room, and we can use our phones in our rooms, or something)

I bought an HP Elitedesk 800 desktop mini and tossed in an older SSD I had in a 2008 Macbook Pro. I then loaded Fedora Server, and began building Mopidy. Since I pay for Google Music, I figured that this would be the perfect way to stream whatever we wanted to listen to at any time. I was able to get Mopidy going this morning to stream out of the USB baton to the single Korus V400 that we have going now. I did discover that the USB baton is functional although not listed as working with *nix. I reached out to Eleven Engineering to see if there is a way to control the volume levels of the receivers, as they do in the Android and iOS apps, with *nix.

Before I had tested this, I had purchased an “Akiko” from skaastore.com. This is a USB powered 3.5mm to SKAA adapter… SKAA being the licensable wireless standard with 40ms latency and 60-100 foot range (this differs by transmitter). The Akiko set me back $80. A single Korus V400 set me back $60 and comes with a lightning, a 30-pin and a usb baton. I currently have a Bluetooth-to-RCA adapter hooked up to our main system, and will likely use this for a sort of “universal” Korus/SKAA interconnect until I find another use.

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