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No password/user box/LogonUI prompt after ctrl-alt-del hit

It’s your friendly Windows helpdesk guy here.

We have an issue that seems random, where certain users fail to get the password prompt after hitting ctrl-alt-del combo at logon (LogonUI).

The culprits seem to be the combo of HP Z620 workstations + Matrox video card “drivers” or, simply, Matrox PowerDesk software.

I opened a case with Microsoft support due to the fact that I could not use xbootmgr to troubleshoot the issue, I did not understand where else to go.

They advised me to clear any Credential Provider other than the following list:

Smartcard Credential Provider
Smartcard Pin Provider
WinBio Credential Provider

This includes the stupidly risky Credential Provider “Matrox.Pdesk.LogonRelocator64”.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\Credential Providers\{FBF75A60-F408-4e8e-905A-FB8F7A8BBC78}

I guess Matrox is trying to be helpful by creating a credential provider to move your LogonUI screen around; it’s quite clear that the cost of messing with Credential Providers to provide such a trivial benefit is too high.

Delete the above registry key to avoid the problem.

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