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A quick note about WSUS auto-approval policies

You’re neighborhood generic Windows Admin is here to talk about WSUS auto-approval policies.

Here is how WSUS “gets” updates:
1) a synchronization occurs in which WSUS fetches some info about available updates for the product classifications you’ve prescribed.
2) Updates are approved manually or by auto-approval policy.
3) Updates are downloaded by WSUS.
4) Updates are fetched by workstations.

When you adjust an auto-approval, but your classifications have already included a product, and the WSUS has already fetched info about the updates, your auto-approval policy will not affect these updates. As in, they will not be automatically set to “approved,” will not be downloaded by WSUS, and will not be available to your Windows Update clients. Why is this done? I have no idea. It seems like an option would be nice to retroactively approve updates according to current auto-approval policy (and I’m sure you can hack away at the WSUS SQL DB).

So, what do you do? For a few weeks, you’ll just have to slave away at manually approving updates.


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