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Rolling Performance Monitor (perfmon) log files in Windows

I wanted to monitor all processes’ read and write bytes/sec for a half hour within a given time span nightly, but I didn’t want to fill the disk up with old and useless log files.

It took me more than five seconds of searching to figure out how to “roll perfmon logs” or “delete old perfmon logs automatically.”

The way to do this is to utilize a Data Manager to manage your data collector set data.

Configuring a Data Manager to rotate perfmon log files:

1) Configure a data collector set, setting up the actions and tasks via perfmon.msc.

2) In the perfmon.msc tree, go to Reports\User Defined and you will see your Data Collector set there: right-click> properties.

3) On the Data Manager tab, you can configure various things, but for our purpose of retaining one log file, set Maximum Folders and set this to 1; check “Apply policy before the data collector set starts”, check “Enable data management and report generation”. [refer to the below Manager Data in Windows Performance Monitor article for more info]

4) Go to the Action tab> add> Condition: 1 day; check: delete data files, delete cab file, and delete report.

5) Click OK, OK.

6) I use a quick batch in (local group policy> windows settings> scripts> startup) to start a performance monitor at system boot:

logman start -name “all procs cpu io”

I will be testing this over the weekend, but it should work as it is.


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