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Taxes, inference, downloading.

Okay. So I lasted about three days without posting, but I came across a few things that are very worth sharing, but aren’t quite worthy of a page.

Someone posted a link to DARPA sponsored projects to Hacker News yesterday. This should squelch that useless obsession I have with predictive analysis of non-existent data I have for the week. Specifically: lineup, lyra, immens, and…

BayesDB is a project that allows you to import data from CSV and provides a query language to query that data. Oh… it also uses Bayesian analysis to make predictions (within a tolerance) of future data. But we can already do some of this with scipy.stats.bayes_mvs()… but you can’t do it this simply.

Read more about it here. I have a feeling the next societal learning experience will be statistical literacy (previously computer literacy), and BayesDB is an effort that will assist. Don’t forget NimbleText and OpenRefine. Here is a paper on using Bayesian inference on network traffic.

I was disappointed to see offliberty failed to download a mix from soundcloud and mixcloud. I even wrote offliberty a bug report, and… received nothing back. After scratching my chin, I remembered my man SZ had written a last.fm downloader, and I figured I’d check in on the project. I was excited to see that not only does his last.fm downloader download from soundcloud and mixcloud, but about 20 other sites as well. Unfortunately, mixcloud downloading failed, so I dropped him an Email. He responded within a few hours, and offered that mixcloud changed their webapp and he would give reprogramming his scraper a shot. It took him two days and he was able to solve the problem today. So go grab Free Music Downloader from SZ. Don’t forget to donate.

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