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A quick post about logs

Been working on samhain and yule, and started to regain interest in correlation engines and SEIM.

Why don’t we take our logs from over here and put them in ElasticSearch over there?

But, where do I do the analysis? Here or there? Or both? Or what?

Security “log event watchers”:

Correlation engines:


  • nxlog (transmits CSV, JSON, XML, Key-value pairs, GELF, syslog, SQL, anything you can script or write (like a pipeline))
  • rsyslog (transmits Linux journal, named pipe, stdout, SQL (with special handling for MySQL and Oracle), Elasticsearch, many more to come in versions soon)
  • logstash-forwarder/Lumberjack (transmits via the lumberjack protocol to logstash)
  • gelfino (transmits GELF)
  • other sysloggy stuff


Stack 1: Logstash + ( Kibana &&|| Graylog) + elasticsearch:

Stack 2: Lumberjack + ceelog + rsyslog + elasticsearch + kibana:



Stack 3:
logstash and solr: http://logstash4solr.lucidworks.com/


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