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Powershell: Voyage into the Milky Way?

I guess PowerShell is the caramel? 3 Musketeers are for suckers.


Did you hear that? I just read a PuppetConf 2013 presentation on using Puppet to automate Windows and my mind exploded. Also see one talk and another talk. And there’s also Rob Reynold’s talk about chocolatey!

Yes, Chocolatey. Yea yea yea… you’ve already heard of it. What’s funny is so did I several months ago on Hacker News. “apt-get for Windows… myeh… 50 packages… okay…” I simply didn’t realize what it meant.

Lately, I’ve realized the abilities Powershell gives you to manage Windows systems, big and small. (re)Enter Chocolatey.

What is it?
Built on a core, NuGet, Chocolatey is a package manager which allows you (among other things) to package MSI installers, thanks to its utilization of Powershell. It’s probably not a replacement for SCCM for package update compliance, but at least it will make life much easier.

NuGet is maintained by the Outercurve Foundation, aka Microsoft being an indie, cool guy, so you know it will be rock solid.

This will help me quite a bit with my own Windows environment bootstrapping which I’ll be documenting shortly.

More information:
Here are some blog posts to get started:

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