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Patch ESXi without Update Manager

Download the patch bundle and incremental patches:
1) Download the latest patch bundle and any patches since the latest patch bundle.
There seems to be a naming convention for patch bundles as follows: “update-from-esxi5.0-5.0_update01”, “update-from-esxi5.0-5.0_update02”

Patch bundles are cumulative, so at this point, I would only need to download update-from-esxi5.0-5.0_update02 and any patches that were issued after its release.

Unfortunately, you can not use the native ESXi `wget` binary, as the downloads are only accessible via a logon session.

2) Using the vSphere, focus your host in the left pane> summary tab> resources panel> storage section> right-click on the datastore> Browse Datastore

3) Click the icon with the hdd icon with the green up arrow and upload the patch bundle and patches to your store.

Install the patch bundle, then the patches:

1) Connect to you ESXi server via SSH.

2) Verify the presence of the patch bundle and patch files by checking /vmfs/volumes/datastoreN (where N is the datastore number):

ls -al /vmfs/volumes/datastore*/*.zip

3) Check to see if any of the vibs require your server to be placed into maintenance mode:

for f in $(ls /vmfs/volumes/datastore*/*.zip) ; do ( python /sbin/esxcli.py software sources vib get -d $f | grep -E .*Name\|Maintenance.* ) ; done

4) You can then place your server/host into maintenance mode:

/bin/vim-cmd hostsvc/maintenance_mode_enter

5) To install all VIBs:

for f in $(ls /vmfs/volumes/datastore*/*.zip) ; do ( python /sbin/esxcli.py software vib install -d $f &>> /var/log/vib_install.log ) ; done

6) Review the log for information on failures and pending reboots:

less /var/log/vib_install.log

7) Reboot the host if necessary:

reboot #yep, that's it

8) You can take the host out of maintenance mode:

/bin/vim-cmd hostsvc/maintenance_mode_exit


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