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China: The Great Reverse Firewall

What if China really wants us to block them from us?


I have a simple observation for people reading about the Mandiant release about China’s state sponsored hackers, and… well, years of news about Chinese hacking occurrence.

What if China really wants us to start blocking them from us?

This came to me after pondering how to stop Chinese hackers (which don’t use [advanced] proxies?! (because that’s so hard)) from accessing my networks. Block all traffic with an IP source in China. Pretty simple.

North Korea next. What about Egypt? Mali? Tunisia? Romania? Palestine? France?

This is if you believe that “hackers” would use source IPs of their source. Or maybe, they’d use the source of somewhere else, to make you believe that the people at the source were attacking you. maaahhhhhhnnnnn.

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