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nxlog: configure pm_buffer

1) declare the processors and pm_buffer configs
memory: max 50MB, log warning at 10MB
disk: max 1GB, log warning at 768MB

“..\LocalService\Local Settings\Temp” should actually be replaced with the full path.

<Processor membuffer>
	Module	pm_buffer
	MaxSize	102400
	Type	Mem
	WarnLimit	25600

<Processor diskbuffer>
	Module	pm_buffer
	MaxSize	1048576
	Type	Disk
	File	"..\LocalService\Local Settings\Temp"
	WarnLimit	786432

2) declare route

<Route 1>
	Path        in => diskbuffer => membuffer => out

Re-route if MEM reaches MaxSize
According to Botand, the above route will backpressure against membuffer, never writing to diskbuffer until membuffer reaches MaxSize.

I’ve investigated with process monitor, and it is true. No writes take place to the buffer file with the above route.

With reference:

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