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A trip down memory lane…

I always joke about how many hits a day I get on this blog to my fiancee (like my fine 287 high of hits yesterday thanks to the EMET and icinga write ups). She always says things like “you’re my internet hero,” “you’re so internet famous…”

It reminded me of an old tutorial I wrote up back in 2004 about the LG VX6000. Remember that thing? I just got my fiancee an iPhone 5 (which arrived today by UPS), and then got into a conversation about the LG VX6000 that I had paid $500 for when I purchased one for an ex-girlfriend (since I didn’t qualify for the subsidy). I decided to search for my LG VX6000 tutorial, and I found it hosted on archive.org. It’s pretty funny to look at, but it should remind you how far cell phones have come over the past 8 years.

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