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TCP tunneling over Skype? Yes please.

Here’s a thread that touches upon several solutions for TCP tunneling using Skype.

There are several solutions:
SkypeProxy is an old project written to utilize QT. It seems relatively old, and doesn’t appear to be actively developed.

SkypeTunnel is another project that follows the same vein written to be compiled in Visual C++ Express. It was pushed in late 2011 to sourceforge, so I assume it is a bit more lively than SkypeProxy.

Feeling like the above two solutions aren’t shady enough for you? How about EeeNetLive, a VPN client/server that pipes traffic through Skype?

No Skype? Don’t worry, there’s always ICMP tunneling, although that would be much easier to detect.

I pose a question: If Skype is allowed on a network, how do you identify this malicious Skype traffic versus the non-malicious Skype traffic? Or maybe it’s easier than you think.

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