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Software: imap to imap migration tool

I used imapsync during an email migration (which is detailed in another post).

You can obtain imapsync from this server. You will need the dependencies from the OpenSSL full package.


imapsync.exe --host1 sourceserver.com --user1 foo --password1 secret1 --host2 destinationserver.com --user2 bar --password2 secret2

or, if you’re like me…

imapsync.exe --host1 www.source.com --port1 143 --user1 mbrown --password1 pass --authmech1 PLAIN --tls1 --host2 www.destination.com --port2 993 --user2 mbrown@company.com --password2 pass --authmech2 PLAIN --tls2

I’m getting the following problem with the OpenSSL binaries:

imapsync.exe - Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point MD2 could not be located in the dynamic link library libeay32_.dll. 

The MD2 hash was proven to be very weak and the function was likely removed from the DLL. It’s worth noting that the program doesn’t quit when these errors are thrown.

To avoid duplicates when syncing multiple times to the final inbox, I used the following arguments in addition to whatever authentication mechanism:

--useheader Message-ID --idatefromheader --subscribe --syncinternaldates

The use of –useheader Message-ID alone (without any other –useheader argument), although the help would lead you to believe that combining these would be best, was the only way I could avoid duplicates when syncing mailboxes more than once. I believe the combination of –idatefromheader and –syncinternaldates also made the avoidance of duplicates possible.

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