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Use Audio Unit for global EQ on OSX

As of May 4th, 2012, this is completed.

With soundflower routing, use a “built-in” EQ, through an audio unit for system wide equalizer on OSX is easy.

  1. Install Soundflower and install XCode developer tools (for AU Lab).
  2. Open Audio MIDI Setup and go to Window> Show Audio Window.
  3. Right-click on the Soundflower 2 channel device, and click “use this device for sound input” and “…output.” Note that the menu might have these disabled, try making sure the Soundflower 2 channel device is selected before right-clicking.
  4. In Soundflowerbed, under Soundflower (2ch) select None (OFF) (if you leave it on, then you’ll get some feedback when opening AU Lab).
  5. Open AU Lab and create a new document.
  6. Select the Audio Input Device to be Soundflower (2CH).
  7. Select the Audio Output Device to be Built-in Output.
  8. Go to the AU Lab document, click the drop down under Effects, Apple>AUGraphicsEQ or any other effect.

Here’s an AppleScript for changing the audio device.

With reference:
MacWorld Hint Forums

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