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Software: office 2000

This setup works on Windows All (from '95 to 7, sorry for 3.1 users). Now you know why you can't find what you are looking for. I have done a lot of research for this:
Presuming Office 2000 installed... 
First of all, please get Office 2000 SP1 (SR-1a) full offline installer from here (let's say thanks!): 
(MS made unavailable on purpose this very important update for the entire process, you know why)
The rest of Office 2000 updates, as you already know, can be downloaded from MS site. 
In case you do not know, you'll need: 
SP3 for office 2000 (client version, don't bother with the "admin one") from here: 
After SP3, you may want to apply all updates available for Office 2000. These are (and apply in this order, please): 
KB818798 (Office update)
KB905555 (PowerPoint update)
KB905646 (Outlook update)
KB920822 (Office update)
KB920906 (Office update)
KB931660 (Office web components update)
KB947361 (Office update)
KB944425 (Office update)
KB946986 (Outlook update)
KB950682 (Publisher update)
KB921595 (Office update)
KB955441 (Access update)
KB921606 (Office update)
KB957790 (PowerPoint update)
KB969600 (Word update)
KB969683 (Excel update)
KB957838 (Office update)
There are not (and there will be not) others updates available for Office 2000 (End Of Life in June 2009). 
Office 2000 works on Vista and Seven very well, with these two little tricks:
1. To make Outlook working on Vista and Seven, copy wab32.dll and wab32res.dll from C:\Program Files\Common Files\System to C:\Windows\System32. 
2. To make Office Assistant working on Vista and Seven, copy agentdpv.dll from C:\Windows\msagent to C:\Windows\System32.
That's all about Office 2000. 

Thank you for your attention.
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