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Quickbooks: Multi-user mode hosted on a central server

1) On all of the clients, make sure Multi-user Hosting is disabled.
2) Verify that the following settings make logical sense on the server/client:

  • QuickBooks licensing
  • File system ACL
  • Read only attribute
  • Local software/hardware firewall entries for processes and ports:
    * FileManagement.exe TCP/10172
    * QBDBMgrN.exe TCP/10172
    * QBGDSPlugin.exe TCP/10172
    * QBW32.exe TCP/10172
    * For the DB TCP/10160

3) Install QB DB Server on dedicated PC/server
4) Migrate QBW, TLD, and ND files to that dedicated PC/server
5) Delete/rename ND files
6) Scan the drive with the QB DB Server tool; which will generate the proper ND files
7) On all the clients, make sure they are opening the migrated QBWs in multi-user mode.
8) If they need to perform the following tasks, users will be alerted that they will need to open the files “not in multi-user mode:”

  • Backup
  • Changing levels within a list (i.e. making an account into a sub-account or vice-versa)
  • Deleting items in a list (though you can delete in Multi-user mode in Enterprise)
  • Inventory adjustments (this is the most annoying one)


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