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DFS: Tracing deletions


  1. Resolve replicated folder name to GUID

    wmic /namespace:\\root\microsoftdfs path DfsrReplicatedFolderInfo get ReplicatedFolderGuid,ReplicatedFolderName,ReplicationGroupName

  2. Use GUID to
    wmic /namespace:\\root\microsoftdfs path DfsrIdRecordInfo WHERE (filename='[FILENAME]’ and replicatedfolderguid='[GUID]’) get filename,flags,updatetime,GVsn
Name Value Meaning
PRESENT_FLAG 0x1 The resource is not a tombstone; it is available on the computer.
NAME_CONFLICT_FLAG 0x2 The tombstone was generated because of a name conflict. This flag is meaningful only for tombstones.
UID_VISIBLE_FLAG 0x4 The ID record has already been sent out to other partners; therefore, other partners are aware of this resource.
JOURNAL_WRAP_FLAG 0x10 The volume has had a journal wrap and the resource has not been checked to determine if there is any change by the journal wrap recovery process.
PENDING_TOMBSTONE_FLAG 0x20 The ID record is in the process of being tombstoned (or deleted.)

source: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb540013(VS.85).aspx

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