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Consume-erist: How to get an out of control support call handled quickly / Shadow Copy Components and Folders at the DFS Root

Maybe I read too much Consumerist, or maybe I’m just cruel. Regardless, I decided to Email carpet bomb some execs at Symantec to get an outstanding tech support issue resolved with Backup Exec.

The issue is that there are files and folders missing from the restore job that were probably on the backup job. They are selected in the selection list, and the backup job size, folder count and file count seem the same or more. I troubleshot with an analyst in Mumbai/Bombay for two calls. The guy did a good job, but had never seen the issue before. We created a test job (with a new selection list) and were able to reproduce the problem. No files, no folders (unless they were specifically selected). He then explained that he will escalate it.

Three days goes by and I get an Email asking if my problem is resolved, which I replied “no, I’m waiting for a team of engineers to look… this is a critical programmatic issue.”

A day later I received a call from an engineer from the advanced support team for Backup Exec. He explained that he is in California and the ticket has been removed from the India queue. This was not important to me. I’ve had much more luck with support reps from India than anyone in North America (less VZW and Bloomberg). After apologizing for calling so late (7PM EST); he said he’s seen similar problems exist; that the catalogue basically fills up with entries and Backup Exec takes a shit on itself. His presented solution was to remove old entries in the DB/catalogue and the files would once again be listed in older tapes that I then cataloged. However, it was late, so we scheduled a call for the next day at noon.

High noon rolled around and the guy was nowhere to be found. Two days passed, another Email “Is the issue resolved?” No… no it’s not.

I call twice more and leave a voicemail for “the engineer assigned to my case.” Write two more Emails.

Today I got a call from my team lead asking what the status is. The client asked him in a meeting. We look bad.

What do I do? Start Googling “Vice president of operations” “vice president of north america” “vice president of customer relations”

I come out with three names: Helyn Corcos (VP of Investor Relations), Michael Wentz (VP of Global Enterprise Support), Mike Runda (VP of North America Enterprise Support). I replied back to an Email I received today, CCing these folks in two syntactical forms (firstname_lastname@symantec.com and firstinitiallastname@symantec.com).

It took about 30 minutes, and I received a call from the engineer. He sounded pissed, but professional in his voice mail. Suggesting that I call back and not leave a voicemail, but be transferred back into the queue, if he’s unavailable, that’s what I’m doing right now… out of the Advanced troubleshooting team, back into the India queue.

This engineer explained that DFS Roots can not be backed using the drive, but are backed up using Shadow Copy Components, in jobs that both the DFS root and the folder (that is the DFS root) selection are present. Therefore you can only restore files and folders in the DFS Root, in a job where the Shadow Copy Components are selected, by traversing the Shadow Copy Components into the DFS structure.

For the suspenseful conclusion, read this post.

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