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Telecomm: SIP Client Calling to a PSTN Line

The Gizmo5 Project premiered a new feature called Backdoor dialing. It allows a SIP user to dial any number that is connected to a VoIP system anywhere on it’s line. I’m unsure how they determine if a number is on an IP system, but it works for my clients that use VoIP systems.

An additional feature of Gizmo5 is that your voicemail messages get saved as WAV files and Emailed to you. I’m planning to setup my cell phone to forward to my Gizmo5 phone number so that I will actually listen to my voicemail, instead of never checking it or just deleting it.

If you’re interested in setting up VoIP on your Windows Mobile 6 device, you can refer to the wiki entry on XDA-Developers, which will guide you through installation and configuration of the “built-in” SIP client. The call quality isn’t great on T-Mobile’s bandwidth, but if you use Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T you’ll probably be in good shape.

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