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Random: Horrible mis-balance between personal life and work

Every now and then (read: all the time) I think about how, as I progress into the professional world, the balance between my personal life and business is getting all crazy. I have a feeling eventually I’ll figure out a balance; but I “just started” (read: three months ago) a new job, at a new place, doing pretty hard work (I’ll admit it).

I’m a field engineer (systems and networking) for a consulting company that handles hedge funds in Manhattan, and I work hard (I keep on forgetting that I work hard, because, it’s apparent that nearly everyone else I work with also works equally as hard or harder… which isn’t really bad, but is definitely odd/rare). It’s gotten to a point where, by the end of last week, all I wanted to do was crawl into my closet with a pillow and blanket, close the door, and go to sleep for 48 hours (please discount the embryonic reference). Everyone from my work went out to a bar on Friday, something I’ve yet to take part in (mostly because I hate bars, I don’t get them, never did). I actually left work in some what of a rushed nature, pretty much disregarding what anyone was thinking of me (I mean, who cares anyway).

Anyway… back to the main point of the post. My father has been trying to get in touch with me for a week. We’ve written Emails back and forth; we’ve left voice mails for each other. Yet, we can’t get the other on the phone.

Today, this communication-tag reached it’s pinnacle. I left him a voicemail to the effect of “Hello. I got your email about the traffic tickets in the city. I’ll pay them on Tuesday. Thanks and have a good night.” Not “Hi Dad… how’s it going? Everything is pretty much okay here. Hope all is going well with your new place and keep pimping it hard. oh, by the way, I’ll pay those tickets on Tuesday, when I get paid. NYE threw off the ol’ budget and I’m strapped for liquid cash. Anyway… I’ll talk to you later. Have a good night. Love, your son, Matt.”

So… anyway… I just got another voicemail in response to the actual voicemail I left for my Dad. It pretty much lead me to write this post “Hello. My name is David W. Brown, CPA. I can be reached at [home number] or [work number] or [general work number] or [cell phone number]. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.” It made me laugh.

What did I do then, you might ask? Scheduled an appointment in Outlook titled “Call Dad” for noon tomorrow (he’s only got a half-hour).

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