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Messaging: Please use SPF. Please.

Today a client approached me to assist a vendor, Backstop, with Exchange “integration” of their Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) product. In the “technical survey” issued, Backstop was asking if the client has SPF configured. I had no idea what SPF was, enter Wikipedia.

Sender Policy Framework is basically a DNS record entry that specifies authorized mail servers/senders for your domain.

I have to re-read the Wikipedia article, and possibly the RFC, to really gain a full understanding; but, hey… take my word, you should implement it. AOL and Gmail have, and if you’ve even been on AOL’s spam protection bad side, you know it’s good.

Here’s some documentation listed from not crazy to totally crazy: SPF Record Syntax, Sender Policy Framework wikipedia entry, An Overview of the Sender Policy Framework, RFC 4408

a “python based spf record testing too”

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