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Blackberry: Obtaining, Installing, and Configuring the Bloomberg Anywhere client

You can obtain the latest version of Bloomberg Anywhere for Blackberry OTA at http://bbmobile.bloomberg.com/

In order to avoid configuring the MDS gateway (which is available at http://about.bloomberg.com/software/info_bbm.html), you can use RIM (over BIBS). You can visit the address in either one of the Browsers on the Blackberry for an over-the-air installer, or in a desktop browser to download the AppLoader package.

Follow these steps to configure Bloomberg on the user’s Blackberry, where the MDS Gateway isn’t configured on the BES server.

  1. Menu> Settings
  2. Menu> MDS Info… once this fails, you can close the MSD Info page. You will now see the revealed setting “Routing” on the main Settings page.
  3. Change the Routing option to “via RIM (BIBS).”
  4. Save the settings and close the Settings page.
  5. Have the user logon. Since this is a new Bloomberg Anywhere Access Point, they will need their B-Unit.
  6. Once you’ve entered their username and password, you will be prompted to enter a B-Unit code:
  7. With the B-Unit powered off, hold the power button down on the B-Unit for about five seconds, until the words “Token Mode” come on the screen. Release the power button.
  8. The user will then be prompted to “present finger” to the B-Unit’s biometric pad.
  9. A six-digit code will then generate every 30 seconds. Enter the current six-digit code into Bloomberg Anywhere for Blackberry to enable the Access Point (you only have to do this once to enable the Access Point).
  10. You can now turn the B-Unit off (it will be out of Token Mode when powered back on).
  11. Note that only one Access Point can be used at a single time per UserID (logging onto Bloomberg Anywhere for Blackberry will cause the user’s Bloomberg Anywhere desktop session to log off).
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    thank you so much for this :)

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