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Random: The VZW Data Rep Teddie is awesome, Pre-paid CS Reps kinda suck a lot.

This post related to my previous post: Windows Mobile: Windows Mobile 6 Standard, Blackberry Connect, Blackberry Internet Services, and the HTC Fusion 5800

This post explains my two and a half hour adventure getting a question (albeit detailed) answered by VZW.

Data support phone: 800-922-0204

First call: pre-paid cs rep transferred me to a contract CS rep (which apparently is a miraculous occurrence similar to that of Jesus walking on water). Contract CS rep transferred me to Data Rep. Data rep had no idea what I was talking about, literally not listening to the words that were coming out of my mouth. I guess she decided that I was talking about the Blackberry tethering plan and repeatedly answer my questions about “Blackberry Connect” with information about Blackberry tethering plans. Surprisingly (note: sarcasm) VZW CS failed. Call ended.

Second call: Pre-paid CS rep couldn’t get me to the data team.

Third call: Pre-paid CS rep couldn’t get me to the data team, suggested I call 800-922-0204.

Fourth call: 800-922-0204 sent me back to regular pre-paid CS, chose “I have billing questions” to pretend like I want to start a contract. Lost connection to Billing Rep (seriously).

Fifth call: 611, 4 (additional options), 4 (billing), 4 (CS rep). Asked to be transferred to regular CS. They “don’t have the number to transfer to yet.” Directed to 800-256-4646; which redirects to pre-paid CS, unless you call from landline. You have to wait six months to take a prepaid and turn it into contract, which you can only do by calling 800-256-4646 from a landline phone. You can’t get to regular CS from a pre-paid phone.

Sixth call: 611, 4, 4, 4, Told them a post-pay cell number that I’m authorized on. Transferred to contract CS automated system. Called dropped when I attempted to get to tech support: “We’re sorry but the call can’t be completed. Please hangup and dial the toll free number again.”

Seventh call: Pre-paid CS rep told me to call 800-922-0204 and dial #5 immediately after I hear the automated operator.

Eighth call: Followed Seventh call’s directions. Sent back to pre-paid CS automated system.

Calls 9-12: Tried other #[number] combos. All sent me to pre-paid CS automated system.

Thirteenth Call: 611, 4, 4, 4. Pre-paid CS rep (“Melissa”) was able to transfer me to contract CS immediately, after I gave her a cell phone number that was under contract. Regular CS was able to transfer me to data.

The data rep (Teddie, female) was amazing. She had never heard of Blackberry Connect, however, after attempting to explain it to her, she looked it up online and said they might have to call RIM. Placed on hold.

She came back on the line to explain that the Treo 700w (the device attached to the number I was calling on) was not listed as specifically compatible/supported by RIM (with Blackberry Connect), however the RIM rep suggested that it very well may work and that I should try it.

I then asked “one of our executives is coming over from the Mid-West and has a WM6 smartphone. Can you ask the RIM rep if Blackberry Connect is compatible with WM6?” Placed on hold. She came back and asked which device I was talking about, which I answered the HTC Fusion 5800, which was on Qwest. Placed on hold.

RIM stated: Blackberry Connect isn’t specifically supported on the HTC Fusion 5800, but should work okay.

It took me two and a half hours and thirteen phone calls to get an answer. Teddie was amazing, she not only admitted she didn’t know what I was asking about, but then researched what it was, called RIM, got all the answers to all the detailed questions I was asking. Teddie’s (remember she’s a she, not a he) direct number is at the Data Device support center at 585-321-7650. She is at x25911.

If VZW works like any other call center, the more direct calls (if any) a rep gets; the quicker they get more positive employee reviews, hence pay-grade level raises.

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