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Cell Phones: Have you updated your PRL lately?

I’ve been streaming XM and Last.FM over my phone at work (since we can’t stream audio or video using the work network for bandwidth conservation). About a week and a half ago, on my Treo, I noticed that my DNS requests began to slow down extremely, and my bandwidth seem to be horribly low. With paranoidic conspiracy theories in mind, I began to think “If Earthlink is traffic shaping my internet connection, why wouldn’t Verizon Wireless traffic shape the HTTP traffic on my phone? I am using a lot of bandwidth, albeit on their ‘unlimited connection‘.” Reading their Terms of Service, they very well could have been. When I called I explicitly asked, and the tech said I was nowhere near 5GB; and that’s where they actually begin being concerned.

After calling a technician today, she explained how to update my data PRL; which I didn’t know existed. You dial *22899, versus the usual *228 to activate a phone or update your PRL. It will play a fantastic tune for a minute and your data PRL will be updated. I can now surf the web with my phone faster than none (it reached a point where my DNS requests weren’t being serviced).

Maybe my data PRL needed to be updated; Maybe there were flags on my account that the technician cleared. Either way, can you hear me now? Good.

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