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Software: Fax-to-Email Services / Solutions with HIPAA Compliance Viewable on Windows Mobile

There are three solutions to allow your clients/users to receive faxes in their Email,
and they’re pretty obvious. One, get a service that provides you with a fax number (receiving) and have them package and send the Fax to the desired Email address. Two, get a service that provides you with a fax number (receiving) and have them package and hold the Fax and allow you to log on to their web site (via SSL with 128-bit encryption) and obtain your fax. Three, get a modem and use an internal server and have it receive, package and send the Email.

I’ve three problems here. The server guys sure don’t want to deal with an internal solution for the two people in our company that needs Fax-to-Email. We’ve got to conform the HIPAA regs. And good ol’ Joey Cost.

Sos I call eFax, a popular solution. eFax hits all three solutions, but for the redonculous price of $105 for the second, and $200 for the third.

So, I began searching and sure enough, “Kevin” has already done all the work for me.

A quick search on that convenient list of Fax-to-Email services for the word HIPAA turns up two hits: Send2Fax and GreenFax, the latter being one of “Kevin’s Picks.” Even though, I now assume that >90% of all services offer the HIPAA compliant SSL web interface, I’ll give both of these a call starting with GreenFax.

Now, crossing an quaternary after-thought of a problem. Portability. In addition to the HIPAA reg compliance, I’ve got to get the Emailed Fax to be viewable on approved Windows Mobile devices. Hearing complaints about PDF on Windows Mobile devices (pretty much directly related to lack of RAM), I’ll see how TIFF works out.

GreenFax: Excellent Sales people. No pressure, in fact the guys even seemed bashful about their solution for some reason. They explained that they do not have the HIPAA seal, but they do have the web interface with 128-bit SSL encryption (which is HIPAA compliant). Their cost? $12.95/month, which is reasonable. The package includes 250 pages, $.03 for every page after that. They support TIFF and PDF. The link that people receive in their Email is a link directly to a logon page that is easily usable in Pocket Internet Explorer, that will direct you directly to the file to be downloaded. Looks promising, and I’ll know in about an hour since the Sales guys are immediately setting my account up for a one-week free trial with TIFF support.

In practice, the screen size is the real killer; but that’s a limitation of the technology and obviously can’t be defeated (11″x8.5″ on a 240×240 screen is laughable). One of the pages of the records we’re sending is an EKG read out; which is relatively impossible to read on the 240×240 screen. Unfortunately for us, about 75% of all the records faxed include EKGs. The most reasonable solution is to either print the received fax (over IR), or use our Outlook Web Access interface to download the TIFF/PDF for review.

There you have it:

Technological Problem: Fax to Email to Windows Mobile device.

Solution: GreenFax ($12.95 MRC) + PDF/TIFF Viewer solution ($0-$50) + Outlook Web Access (free with Exchange 2003 or later) = relatively cheap and HIPAA compliant.

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