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Random: OMG!!!1 Microsoft!!!1111

Yesterday I posted what could be considered wiseass comments in response to a Windows Mobile Team blog entry about a feature in Windows Mobile that a guy on the Windows Mobile Team didn’t know about:

Matt Brown said:

I totally agree that better documentation should be produced. I mean, how hard is it to actually contact the programmers and be like "yo... give me a list of all the features you worked on." I know I can probably spit out every feature of any program I've ever programmed by heart.

I mean: c'mon... "the guy" posting on the Windows Mobile Team blog didn't even know the feature existed. Doesn't that say anything?

"Hi, i'm the 'Microsoft Corporation AT Command Interpreter,' and I have five hits on google. One is the blog of this guy called Matt Brown complaining about how absolutely no documentation exists for me."

Matt Brown said:

Oh... and... the classic:

"Howdy, ya'll. I'm Internet Explorer for PocketPC. Although a lot of javascript functions aren't supported by me, the only way you'll be able to find them is to incessantly test them. The guys who ported me from IE4 just decided not to document any of their changes. And as that advertisement says 'uhhhWEEEEEEEEEEE!'"

Today, I took a look at the cool MapLoco page hit locator, and saw Mountain View, CA. That's right, Silicon Valley. Yea, it might be anyone else from Silicon Valley... but what if it's Microsoft?

Bill, listen... I'm just asking for documentation on Pocket IE and on the AT Command Interpreter. Not a big deal, Moneybags Gates.

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