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Windows: Programming an Alternate TCP/IP Settings

An old co-worker of mine, who apparently frequents the old Enumerating the If… Then, explained to me how to set Alternate TCP/IP Settings :

Justin: hey
Matt: what’s up?
Justin: i meant to ask you
Justin: on your blog you have the scripts for the ip changing
Justin: you know you can do that via the gui to with alternate config
Justin: it helped me a lot
Matt: no sir
Justin: and im sure you are going through the same thing
Justin: well if you go to the screen where you configure the ip
Justin: their is a tab on top that says alternate config
Justin: http://technet…1033.mspx?mfr=true
Justin: than one one of my certification test it showed this
Justin: just figured id pass it along ot you
Matt: is there a way to switch back and fourth with a command?
Justin: not that i have seen
Justin: but i think it automatically tries both
Matt: thanks

So there you have it. There has to be a way to script the setting, and then a single line that switches between the two. Or, as Justin said, if it tries both (not sure how it determines if one is bad), that works as well.

Alright… the deal is as follows:
“Alternate configuration enables a computer to use an alternate, manually configured IP address configuration in the absence of a DHCP server.” If Microsoft made rules, like if on this subnet, use this configuration, it would make a lot more sense; especially since pretty much all home “routers” are DHCP servers as well. However, if on your work network there is no DHCP, this would work fine.

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