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Windows Mobile: LastFMMobile (lfmm) Part Deux

July 7th @ 2AM

Over the past week or so, I’ve been through three hosts, spent over eight hours working on this thing and finally have something together.
First, I’m staying at ProfuseHost for hosting; as they are free, and give me access to what I need as of right now.
I’ve made deep progress into a frame work (that’s a pun and you’re laughing silently). I’ll be updating this post alone with all other updates.

The interface is up. It’s very close to usable (as in not at all this second). Suggestions appreciated.

July 7th @ 3PM

  1. Need to have metadata.php actually parse the output and identify fields. cheating by the assigning strings in order didn’t work (of course).
  2. Once 1 (above) is complete, need to create “loading…” page, then have metadata.php refresh every 2 seconds until streaming=true instead of streaming=false.
  3. Currently can’t verify that the controls are working. Skip appears not to.
  4. Remove frames page (thanks Microsoft for having Pocket Internet Explorer refuse to render less than 3 pixels for frame borders). Attempt to see if you can use the PHP function include() to send post info (probably can’t as this makes no sense); or find alternate. Need to feed info to the playlist generator.
  5. Oh yea… allow user to change the station.

July 19th

The interface is completely usable. Some bugs (such as failing to load album art) have been fixed. The two primary things I’d like to get going are cookies for username/password and having stream control commands not load out of page. Keep an eye on the changelog for future plans and changes.

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