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Windows Mobile: LastFMMobile

Inspired by XStreamXM, following in the footsteps of Online LastFM Player; I’ve begun work on LastFMMobile (lfmm). It’s a PHP program that allows for the streaming of LastFM to a mobile device (through an ASX file). It’s a work in progress, but if you want to try it out, the interface is up. Logging on will return a url for the lastfm mp3 stream. You can control the stream by hitting the links.

I wouldn’t even be trying this without the use of this information.

Things I’m planning on doing:

  • Get the mp3 stream to launch immediately at logon (like xstreamxm, asx to be rendered as php, make a playlist file)
  • Create page displaying the metadata, set it to reload at the end of the trackduration.
  • Create a good looking interface for during play (time bar?)
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