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Windows Mobile: Solution to play Last.FM on Windows Mobile

I’ve been trying to figure out a solution to play Last.FM streams on Windows Mobile.
Tonite, I was able to figure one out, albeit messy. Nothing I’m covering here is completely original. In fact, you can figure most of it out by reading the LastFMProxy readme.

  1. Download and install Python for Windows
  2. Download and extract LastFMProxy
  3. Right-click config.py and edit with IDLE. Put in your Last.FM username and password; note the listeningport.
  4. Forward the listening port to your PC on your router.
  5. You may want to get a DynamicDNS name.
  6. Start LastFMProxy by opening main.py
  7. Test your configuration by opening a web browser on your PC and hit http://%5Byour external IP/hostname]:[LastFMProxy listeningport] [works? good. no? refer to numbers 1-6]
  8. Download and install a media player for Windows Mobile that supports ShoutCast streams (streaming MP3/M3U). GSPlayer is freeware. Resco Radio is not.

This is the sloppy part. It would be pretty easy to modify LastFMProxy to allow it to function properly on PocketIE, too bad I don’t know python at all. Here is the work around to be able to change streams and listen.

  1. Open PocketIE and access your main LastFMProxy page.
  2. In the address bar, add the desired lastfm URI after the port (ie: http://myLastFMProxy.com:1881/lastfm://globaltags/madlib)
  3. Open your media player (with MP3 stream support) and open the LastFMProxy MP3 stream (ie: http://myLastFMProxy.com:1881/lastfm.mp3)

You will now be listening to a tagged radio from Last.fm. It would be nice to be able to easily: switch stations, skip tracks, love tracks, ban tracks, etc. but, as of right now, you can’t. Better than nothin’.

explanation of sessions. bmp icon for use with cLaunch. icon for use with windows.

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