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Software: Deepfish and Joost.


^that is the sound that you make when you give the thumbs down.

Not that I’m saying they’re not gonna be great, just these betas… well… you know. They’re betas. Okay, so they’re betas.

Deepfish is sub-exciting, as the feature’s coolness (read: one feature; being able to see a picture of a web page, then zoom in and out) is far outweighed by the Microsoft proxy that records all my web traffic. If they offered Windows Live Deepfish, a server that resided on Windows Vista, so you can host it yourself, then they’d have something (maybe an Ultimate extra?).

As for Joost, it’s pretty much, well pretty much beta. It’s failed to start three times out of the five. The bandwidth control is non-existant; how much am I uploading anyway? And why does it take fifteen minutes to start a twelve minute episode of Aqua Teen? And it just crashed. The UI looks really cool, but the usefulness is pretty poor.

They’ve both got the potential to be excellent.
If someone stumbled upon this and would like a Joost invite, post a comment.

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