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Software: Power Plan A

I have all these ideas for programs. Finally, one of them is coming together.

I’m working on a program that will:

  • Allow you to shut off your monitor power (like nircmd, but work in Vista).
  • Set a wake time, detect a suspend state.
  • Wake up at the set time, detect the wake state with the option to run a program.

Great for me, not so simple to get together; but I’m finally understanding API calls (most of all where to find them).

Const WM_SYSCOMMAND As Short = &H112
Const SC_MONITORPOWER As Integer = &HF170)

[Update: May 2nd, 2007]

I’ve given up on this for the time being, since it appears much to difficult to be done with VB express (easier in Visual Studio, but since I don’t own a copy, I can’t be releasing a program made with it). I’ll pick it up again some time later.

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