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Vista: Max Half-open Connections Fix Misunderstanding

After some further research, it has become clear that the half-open connection limit shouldn’t actually cause slower torrent speeds, sort of.

Not quite a myth, but a misunderstanding, half-open connections happen when TCP/IP session request is in the SYN state. This portion of the TCP/IP hand-shake is what is limited. Check out this WindowsITPro article for more info.

From what I gather, the imposed limit on these specific type of SYN ACK connections (2 on Vista Home Basic, 25 on Ultimate), are the half-open connections. The SYN ACK connections only occur when you’re establishing a connection.

Will this affect torrent speed? Well, that depends. It will affect speed negatively if you’re trying to connect to people for whom you have an unstable connection with (you know those IPs that hover around 0 kbps). But if you maintain a connection with another IP, this won’t be an issue, as the half-open connection is finished by the time you’re getting any information from them.

Much like the LvlLord Event ID 4226 XP SP2 fix, P2P Turbo will increase half-open connections on Vista.

Please note that I have not been able to verify if this program actually works.
Make sure to make a restore point before running with RstrUI.exe

DO NOT install P2P Turbo, it caused my UPnP to fail on Vista.

Note to self: things I installed since then…
New ATI Drivers
Windows Updates

I’m unsure if the registry entries listed in this MSDN article still apply in Vista.

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