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Software: 3D Cube Desktop Manager

From the same guy that brought you the poorly designed, but useful Visual Tooltip; Yet anOther Desktop Manager 3D creates a 3D cube of virtual desktops, much like Beryl, or Parallels… except, it’s for Windows!

He can not use the live desktop thumbnails (ex: actual playing video in thumbnail), and has opted to take screenshots of each, and place them on a Direct3D cube object.

It’s a very good start.

Yodm3D.ini settings:

  • Language: language file. (also controlled in options)
  • hotkey: Two bit setting to control the four hotkey options.
  • AutoShowCubeOnHotKeyDown: Automatically show the cube when you press the hotkey, versus switching when you hit the hotkeys + modifer. (also controlled in options)
  • ZoomWhenCubeShowed: Level of zoom, away from center of cube, when cube “shown near.”
  • ZoomWhenCubeShowedHotkeyDown: Level of zoom, away from center of cube, when cube appears with auto show option.
  • ZoomWhenCubeTurn: Doesn’t appear to affect the zoom level when the cube turns.
  • ZoomWhenMoveWindow: Level of zoom, away from total size of screen, when moving windows between desktops. The higher the number the greater the shrink.
  • RotationSpeed: Adjust speed of rotation of cube. The higher the number, the greater the speed.
  • OptimizeMemory: Reduces RAM usage (releases RAM once switch is done). This will cause the cube to initially display more slowly.
  • StartWithWindows: (also controlled in options)
  • WallpaperDesktop[1-4]: Adjusts the wallpaper for desktops 1-4. Can be full path.
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