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Multimedia: Using Windows Media Player 11

Earlier today, I tried, really tried to start using WMP to listen to music. I even used the Skin Importer powertoy to create a Winamp classic skin. I just couldn’t give up Winamp.

Regardless of my lack of enthusiasm for using WMP as my main music player, I still want to prepare my music for when I get my D-Link (actually $92 after rebate) later this week. I came across this article/excerpt about using some new features in WMP11, like how to organize your music collection and apply album art.

You can use the Apply Media Information Changes option on the Library menu to retrieve album art for your music. If you have the common “Server busy” issue, go into options> library> and uncheck “Retrieve additional information from
the Internet.” I’m guessing this is also trying to tag your files, and that the server which handles the request is either extremely busy, or it is an actual error.

Or it just doesn’t work. I left the “Retrieve additional information from the Internet” option on and ran the “Apply Media Information Changes” when I left for work today. It finished, but didn’t seem to affect anything at all. Microsoft fail at something? Never.

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