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Windows Mobile: Virtual Earth Mobile 1.67

Stumbling around HowardForums looking for a Java Runtime Environment and a Flash plugin for the Mobile version of IE, I stumbled upon a post for Virtual Earth Mobile 1.67. Dependant of Windows Live Local, Virtual Earth Mobile offers basic features that will help you get around for free.

I’m messing around with it in the device emulator, and it’s pretty cool.

Map and/or Aerial views (thank you for not calling it satellite), and traffic data are offered.

You can locate yourself with GPS, or Windows Live WiFi triangulation (which uses IP addresses to find your location).

Map Cache adjustment option, includes size of cache and option to store on storage card

You can also get driving directions; which are a little strange to search for. For instance, searching for the zip-code 10001 (Wall Street, NYC) I ended up getting a map for Delaware. However, searching for “[street address] [city], [state abbr] [zip code]” returned the proper location.

How to use Driving Directions:

  1. Menu>Find>Address> enter start address
  2. Menu>Driving Directions>Set as Starting Location
  3. Menu>Find>Address> enter destination address
  4. Menu>Driving Directions>Set as Destination
  5. Menu>Driving Directions>Get Directions
  6. Menu>Driving Directions>View Starting Location
  7. To cycle through the “turns,” hit 1, then simply use your direction pad to go to the next turn.
  8. You can also switch map display types while in the directions screen (aerial/road, traffic).

Feature Suggestions

  • Textual driving directions.
  • Trip time.
  • Metro walking directions.
  • Subway maps/directions.
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