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Windows Mobile: Device Emulator

Torrent (un)Available
Although all the software mentioned here-in is freely available, I have compiled it into a torrent. Feel free to download as you read on.

Searching for a screenshot capturing utility to use for user training purposes for Windows Mobile 5, I’ve come across the Microsoft Device Emulator w. OS images.

I’ve listed the the all important proper installation order below.

Refer to the help file included with Device Emulator for an understanding of the emulator command-line options.

If you’d like to get Exchange testing going, check out Exchange Server 2003 and the Device Emulator 1.0 with MSFP.

Install Order:

  1. Install the device emulator (standalone_emulator_V1.exe).
  2. Install Virtual Machine network driver (netsvwrap.msi).
  3. Install the shortcuts, images and Device Emulator Manager bundle (efp.msi).
  4. You may also want to install ActiveSync.

If, like me, you want to emulate the Palm 700, refer to this article which has instructions. You can fill out bogus info and use Mailinator or BugMeNot for your Email address needs. You will be Emailed your password. Download the “26mb zip file” from the palm forum.

Setting up the connection with the Palm 700w skin

  1. Access the connection settings directly:
  2. start>settings>Connections tab>connections>Advanced tab>select networks>select My Work Network in the top drop-down
  3. ok until you’re at the main screen again
  4. try to use the internet.

Use the Device Emulator Manager to cradle/uncradle the device.

Keyboard mappings.

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