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Software: Production Essentials

Much like the invaluable replacement software like Adobe Acrobat Reader Lite, there are a few programs that are middle men in the game of beating the program makers at their own game.

  1. XPadder: Allows you to map controller buttons to keystrokes. Being constantly updated. Useful for those stubborn Emulators that just don’t like your controller.
  2. Paint.net: Microsoft endorsed replacement for MS Paint. Produced, open-source, by some Washington State students.
  3. NeoShooter: Out of development, but it couldn’t get much better. Handles print-screen screenshot shooting. Much lighter than competition. Auto saves to a given directory.
  4. PureText: Gets rid of text formatting when copied to clipboard. Isn’t a Ctrl-C replacement, exists along side, so if you want to keep formatting, you can.
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