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Program: QuickAlarm

At work, I always use Outlook to set reminders, even if they’re really non-important.
I created a program really quickly a few weeks ago that took care of Windows’ unusually lack of an alarm clock. I mostly use it to remind me when my laundry is done.

QuickAlarm v1

Please note that I will be updating it as time passes. If you have any suggestions other than the following, please let me know by commenting on this post.

Planned features:

  1. Actual quick alarm (5 minutes later, 10 minutes later, etc.).
  2. Run this program when alarm is triggered (can provide for text messages in combination with the SMTP VBScript, I may also build this functionality into the program).
  3. Option to silence the audio alarm.
  4. Test the alarm.wav to check for volume level.
  5. Ability to add a note so that you know what you set the alarm for.
  6. Ability to set multiple alarms using the same instance. This is gonna be difficult, so either don’t expect to see it ever, or expect to see it in a very long time.
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