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Microsoft: Slowly making my way back to Microsoft

It’s been a while since I’ve really used any Microsoft products other than Windows, command prompt, Active Directory, and various OSes. Well, I’ve decided that with Vista coming out I’m going to start makign my way back to good old Microsoft. Anyone else remember installing Windows 95 beta off of 25 floppy disks?

Internet Explorer 7

Replacement for: Firefox/Opera
Reason I’m trying it: General functionality is there. Mouse Gesture support is here thanks to that guy.
Reason I’m not leaving Firefox yet: I still love my AdBlock, Dictionary Tooltip and TargetAlert. Mouse Gesture addin is in the beginning phase. No support for Shift-Enter = http://www.X.net, Shift+Ctrl-Enter http://www.X.org support (although I’m reading there’s a setting for Shift+Ctrl-enter hotkey, I just can’t find it). I can’t find the Shirt+Ctrl-Enter hotkey setting.

Windows Media Player 11

Replacement for: WMP10
Reason I’m trying it: It looks really nice.
Reason I’m not leaving WMP10: done.

Live Mail

Replacement for: Gmail
Reason I’m trying it: Nicer interface than Gmail. More features. Having a @gmail.com address won’t give my resume that extra “I’m tech savy” look any more.
Reason I’m not leaving Gmail: At this exact moment, I’m having some strange error when I try to access Live Mail. Everyone has the Gmail address. I guess I’ll forward my mail from there when I can actually figure out what the problem is.

Live Mail Desktop

Replacement for: Outlook Excrement
Reason I’m trying it: I never used Outlook Express, with good reason. Compared to Outlook, it is terrible. I’ll edit this post when I actually use Live Mail Desktop.
Reason I’m not leaving Outlook Express: It was so horrendous that I never used it in the first place. Done.

So there you have it. Browser, Email, and Media player converted.
Thing left for Microsoft to pull me off of:

  1. Copernic Desktop Search [MS alt: Windows Desktop Search]
  2. AIMlite [MS alt: Windows Live Messenger sort of]
  3. uTorrent [MS alt: probably not happening]
  4. xChat [MS alt: they should do it…]
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