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Cell Phone: Unlocking your CDMA phone

Programming a cell phone for Verizon

I snapped my LG vx6000 in half, bought a new phone, got that stolen, then bought a phone off ebay. So, I tried OTA programming; which didn’t work. I called Verizon Tech Support 6 times and finally got it working.

Here is exactly what I did; minus the dropped TS calls due to accidental cell phone cloning.

By the way, this is also a method of unlocking your cell phone on non-GSM, CDMA providers. For GSM, try obtaining the Subsidy Lock Code by performing the first step below and hope that they will give you the unlock code. I will be writing about my exact experience with a Motorola v60s.

  1. Dial 611 on the new cell phone. This will connect you to the cell phone carrier’s Customer Service line.
  2. Find the ESN within the phone. Do not rely on the sticker under the battery. On Motorolas, this is in “more info” under Phone status; and can be obtained via the service menu on other phone models.. Refer to Howard Forums for more info.
  3. Explain to them that you just bought a phone off eBay, and
    just got off the phone with Verizon, who tod you to all them to get this mysterious Subsidy Lock Code that the phone is asking you for when you attempt to quick program it.

  4. They should put you on hold. They may transfer you to Tech Support. Then they will ask for your ESN, put it into their system then give you the subsidy lock code (usually a six digit number).
  5. Now you need to remove the subsidy lock code.
  6. On a Motorola: menu>0SETUP*>[security code usually = 000000]>ok>Extended NAM>ok>SPC>change>000000>ok>cancel>back>SPC Overwrite>change>Forbid>select>back>exit. Phone will restart.
  7. *228
  8. 2 [to program your phone]
  9. This should be it

My roaming indicator was blinking constantly; and, although the Verizon rep I called assured me that I would not get charged for roaming as it is covered in my plan, and she will make a note on my account; I wanted that annoying triangle to go away.

  1. On a Motorola: menu>Settings>select>Other settings>select>Other Settings>select>Network>select>Current Network>select>note your SID and your NID>exit to main screen>menu>073887* (aka 0SETUP*)>000000>ok>System ID>select>[enter your SID from above step]>ok>SID/NID pair>select>NAM1>select>SID/NID 1>select>SID>change>[enter your SID from above step]>ok>NID>change>[enter your NID from above step]>ok>done>back>back>exit. Your phone will restart.
  2. Your triangle is replaced with a 1x.

This method will also work for any of your eBay buyers out there that have similar issues; you’ve just got to figure out how to get into the service menu. For instance, on any LG, you go into the menu, hit 0, then enter the security code (usually six zeros); then you can see and maybe change the information.

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