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Citrix Metaframe XP: Printing to an unsupported client print device (printer) in Windows 2000 or 2003 Server

The issue has arisen that when people dial-in or connect via network and have a local printer that isn’t specifically supported in Windows 2000/2003, they will not be able to print, or they may but not correctly.
If a print driver can be found to be at all compatible, Windows Server seems to automatically assign it. I’ve had cases where, instead of a LaserJet 1100 or 1200 driver is assigned, Server decided to assign drivers that are for a high-end Color LaserJet (at least it stuck with HP).

HP’s specific ideal to not create Server drivers for some of their consumer printers is known. Fortunately, looking through Google Groups, I have found work arounds that seem to work pretty well.

Remember that Local Printing Defaults and Properties (such as page layout, etc.) are usually inherited upon connection via Metaframe/Terminal Services, but some or all may not with this method due to the change in driver capability.

Installing the driver:

  1. Install and share the printer on an XP computer.
  2. As an Administrator, install the shared printer on the Metaframe server.
  3. Switch the driver in the Advanced tab of the CLIENT printer properties.
  4. Stop and restart the spooler service.

Suggestion to get around driver issues w. HP DeskJet, OfficeJet, or PhotoSmart printers:

  1. Create a new printer using the the HP LaserJet 2100 driver.
  2. Remove the local Everyone group from permissions, leave local Administrators.
  3. Add the user to permissions.
  4. With the user logged on, switch the port to the CLIENT port of that printer.
  5. Printer will default back to the CLIENT printer that is inherited via the Metaframe Client. This needs to be investigated further.
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