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Browser: Switching from Firefox to Opera

I am trying to convert myself from Firefox to Opera. The most important purpose would be the speed at which Opera loads, and it’s page rendering. I detail my experience below.

I posted on the Neowin.net forums knowing that Opera fans would be quick to convert anyone anytime, and assist me with whatever I needed.

Here is a list of things that I had trouble with and their solutions:

Issue Solution
Tab toolbar below the address bar. “Turn off the address bar. Turn on the main bar. Put back/forward/reload/home/address field/whatever buttons you want on the mainbar. Now you have the addressbar above the tabs.”
No status bar at the bottom of the screen. “Set progressbar to “off”. Turn on the statusbar and set it to be on the bottom (on my setup it’s empty, but i have no clue if it is by default). Then drag whatever status fields you want onto the statusbar from the buttons/status section.” From left to right, I put: a dynamic spacer, a speed Status “button,” and a document Status “button.”
No CTRL-Enter, Shift-Enter, CTRL+Shift-Enter hot keys for address auto-completion (.com, .net, and .org respectively). No solution found. Is available in Opera 9, Technical Preview 2; so it’s probably in for future implementation.
Find-as-you-type functionality (CTRL-F in Firefox). Hitting the / key with a page in focus, will bring up find-as-you-type.

Here is a list of extensions I used in Firefox, their Opera equivilents, and short description.

Opera to Firefox Extensions: 1, 2.

Firefox Opera Description Importance
IE Tab Built-in IE-tab loads pages in IE in a tab/current tab. Low
TargetAlert Link alert Mouse over on a link, it shows you an icon of the file type that the link goes to. Low
TabBrowser Preferences Built-in Gives you advanced control over your tabs; including target=_new links to new tab only. Medium
FasterFox Cache is fully controllable through Preferences>Advanced>History. Caches pages and pages that are linked to on the current page for faster browsing. I never noticed a difference. Low
Dictionary Tooltip None. Pops up a dictionary/wikipedia look up upon double-click of word. High
Download Statusbar Transfers available as panel or window. Creates a toolbar that shows download status of files. Low
MediaPlayerConnectivity None. Detects embedded video. Allows you to open in application, easily see target file. Medium
GooglePreview None. Adds an Alexa screenshot of the site to Google results. Medium

For right now, I am sticking with Firefox; although I will continue to use Opera at work for efficiency. I expect Opera will be at par with Firefox in under a year, at which point I will not hesitate to switch.

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