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What to do when you fail

October 29, 2014 Leave a comment

We’ve all had those nights; you laid the architecture for weeks, you’ve planned all day, wrote every step (in full technical detail) and when you go to implement something, it just fails.

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Web: Beyondpad

October 27, 2014 Leave a comment

Beyondpad looks like a great solution for mind mapping and project management.

Quick script: Report the Windows updates installed within the last 30 days

October 27, 2014 Leave a comment
Get-WmiObject -Class "win32_quickfixengineering" | where {$_.installedon -gt (get-date).adddays(-30) } | select HotFixID,installedon

Search an offline Windows event/application log quickly

October 22, 2014 Leave a comment
get-winevent -FilterHashTable @{path="pathto:\dc4secevent.evtx";logname='Security';ID=628}

Apply auto-approval rules to new classifications in WSUS

October 17, 2014 Leave a comment

Okay, so not exactly what I said above, but you can use Powershell to approve updates that match some classification, OS, and/or product matching your auto-approval rules (although you will have to know your auto-approval rules).

You can use where-object to specify which Microsoft.UpdateServices.Commands.WsusUpdate objects to pipe into `approve-wsus` as follows.

This makes approving all updates for newly selected products or OSes much easier than going through the GUI and manually approving each for Install.

Here is an example of approving all updates for Windows 2012:

import-module updateservices
Get-WsusUpdate -Classification Critical -Approval Unapproved -Status FailedOrNeeded | where {$_.products -like "*2012*"} | approve-wsusupdate -action install -targetgroupname "All Computers" -whatif
Get-WsusUpdate -Classification Security -Approval Unapproved -Status FailedOrNeeded | where {$_.products -like "*2012*"} | approve-wsusupdate -action install -targetgroupname "All Computers" -whatif
Get-WsusUpdate -Classification all -Approval Unapproved -Status FailedOrNeeded | where {$_.products -like "*2012*" -and $_.classification -like "Updates"} | approve-wsusupdate -action install -targetgroupname "Servers" -whatif

Can’t find much in the way of the Microsoft.UpdateServices.Commands.WsusUpdate class, so here are the available fields to filter on (using -like or -contains as per the type definition):

Approved                           Property   string Approved {get;}
Classification                     Property   string Classification {get;}
ComputersInstalledOrNotApplicable  Property   int ComputersInstalledOrNotApplicable {get;}
ComputersNeedingThisUpdate         Property   int ComputersNeedingThisUpdate {get;}
ComputersWithErrors                Property   int ComputersWithErrors {get;}
ComputersWithNoStatus              Property   int ComputersWithNoStatus {get;}
InstalledOrNotApplicablePercentage Property   int InstalledOrNotApplicablePercentage {get;}
LanguagesSupported                 Property   System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollection LanguagesSupported {get;}
LicenseAgreement                   Property   string LicenseAgreement {get;}
MsrcNumbers                        Property   System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollection MsrcNumbers {get;}
MustBeInstalledExclusively         Property   bool MustBeInstalledExclusively {get;}
Products                           Property   System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollection Products {get;}
Removable                          Property   bool Removable {get;}
RestartBehavior                    Property   string RestartBehavior {get;}
Update                             Property   Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.IUpdate Update {get;}
UpdateId                           Property   string UpdateId {get;}
UpdatesSupersededByThisUpdate      Property   System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollection UpdatesSupersededByThi...
UpdatesSupersedingThisUpdate       Property   System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollection UpdatesSupersedingThis...

Produce and analyze a process crash dump

October 10, 2014 Leave a comment

Internet Explorer frustrations of the week

October 1, 2014 Leave a comment

Did you know the your ActiveX might be crashing iexplorer.exe with a BEX error, since it’s 32-bit and IE is 64-bit? Yep, that happens.

“But I tried, and it doesn’t let me start 32-bit iexplorer!” you exclaim between tears. Yep, that happens.

Also, did you know that 302 redirects inter-security zone fail, with nothing but a white page returned (remove or add the source and destination sites to Trusted Sites list)? Yep, that happens.


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