Huginn, the self-hosted, secure, automation tool for stuff

April 13, 2014 Leave a comment

Huginn’s author states it to be “a light-weight infrastructure for building data-gathering and data-reacting tasks for your everyday life. Think of it as an open source Yahoo! Pipes, IFTTT, or Zapier.”

I finally am hopping onto the “activity tracker” craze with a recent purchase of the Jawbone UP24 (waiting for the Basis to get better and awaiting Samsung’s Gear Fit), and would love to use the data to automate a workflow.

I saw If this then that (IFTTT) about a year ago, and thought that it was way too… well.. scary. I mean, to have my UP data stored on Jawbone’s servers is enough to make me shiver, but then to use a third third party to take my “private” UP data and dump it to a Google Doc (which would require IFTTT to have access to both of those things in a non-restrictive way) is just too much.

Luckily, tonight some good fellow posted Huginn to Hacker News. Looks like a great way to keep automated workflows private. And maybe, when I have the time, I can work on storing Jawbone data as I wish.

Did I mention that you can, of course, write your own Huginns agents?

My bleeding heart: Dear argus, I miss you.

April 9, 2014 Leave a comment

Since I started a new job, I’ve got a lot of stuff to master before I revisit implementing flow data.

With all the Heartbleed reaction craze, I noticed that some Snort defs were released the other day, and that means there are likely IOCs that can be found in historical flow data.

Carter looks like he’s going to start a write up shortly, so keep an eye on the mailing list.

Powershell: Very fast ping

April 9, 2014 Leave a comment

Citing a post, I’ve thrown together a powershell function that is a very fast ping.

It is a useful replacement for the test-connection cmdlet, who’s timeout is more than desirably long.

Congratulations to the Chocolatey team!

April 4, 2014 Leave a comment

It looks like MSFT will be including direct access to “Chocolatey repositories” in WMF v5 (Powershell v5). Congratulations to Rob Reynolds and the Chocolatey team!

Web Scraping: visual web scraping

April 2, 2014 Leave a comment

Portia is a new python based web scraping tool.

It looks pretty cool.

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I [had] two invites to Atom, Github’s “hackable” editor

March 7, 2014 7 comments

I [had] two invites to Atom by github. If you want one, [too bad, you snoozed and lost].

Rolling Performance Monitor (perfmon) log files in Windows

March 7, 2014 Leave a comment

I wanted to monitor all processes’ read and write bytes/sec for a half hour within a given time span nightly, but I didn’t want to fill the disk up with old and useless log files.

It took me more than five seconds of searching to figure out how to “roll perfmon logs” or “delete old perfmon logs automatically.”

The way to do this is to utilize a Data Manager to manage your data collector set data.

Configuring a Data Manager to rotate perfmon log files:

1) Configure a data collector set, setting up the actions and tasks via perfmon.msc.

2) In the perfmon.msc tree, go to Reports\User Defined and you will see your Data Collector set there: right-click> properties.

3) On the Data Manager tab, you can configure various things, but for our purpose of retaining one “log file,” we will use Maximum Folders and set this to 1.

4) Check off “Apply policy before the data collector set starts” to have the policy… well… apply before the data collector starts. [refer to the below Manager Data in Windows Performance Monitor article for more info]

5) Click OK.

I will be testing this over the weekend, but it should work as it is.



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